5 feb. 2013

Timpul schimbarii

Am ajuns la volumul 3 din Cedrii sunatori ai Rusiei...o carte scrisa simplu, autorul chiar spunand ca nu are talent de scriitor , si reda experienta lui alaturi de Anastasia.
O carte care deja a adus schimbarea in multe tari, si care merita citita din scoarta in scoarta luand ceea ce este posibil si aplicabil....evident, societatea extrem de rationala nu poate ajunge acum la puterile samanilor, insa indrumarile Anastasiei in ceea ce priveste schimbarea sunt nu bune, ci excelente.
Iata un exemplu de scoala, si care educa tinerii nu in a deveni hartogari si soareci de birou ca in societatea prezenta, ci ii educa in a trai in armonie cu natura in timp ce invata si disciplinele umane si reale obisnuite din scolile clasice.

Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin - Kin's School - Lycee School at Tekos

A model school for the future has been established in Russia under the guidance of Academician Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin.
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In a small city in southern Russia there is a remarkable Lyceum school. Its students come from more than 40 different nationalities. New approaches to moral and intellectual education allow students to cover the full school curriculum in the space of a few years, and to earn one or more academic degrees by the time they are 15-17. The preservation and interfusion of ethnic traditions through folklore, song and dances of various nationalities affords the opportunity for children of different backgrounds, cultures and faiths to gain a deeper understanding of each other. The noble ideas of service to one's Motherland and highest moral standards, along with mutual assistance and support, unite children and adults of various nationalities in building a bright future together.

Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin
What is Shchetinin's school?

This is a school in Southern Russia created by alternative educator Academician Shchetinin, where ordinary pupils with little if any help from adult teachers cover the whole 11-year curriculum of the Russian school system in just two years, get official bachelor's and master's degrees from accredited universities by the time they are seventeen, and also have designed, built and decorated their campus all by themselves. The school is described in Book 3.

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  1. Ce bine ar fi fost sa fie si pe vremea mea astfel de scoli!
    Uneori regret ca m-am nasct prea devreme alteori, prea tarziu! :))
    Iti doresc o seara minunata!

  2. Te-ai nascut la timp Minnie....munca ta si contributia ta asupra mediului in care te manifesti este importanta.Ai un rol al tau si D-zeu te ajuta, stii bine, sa il manifesti.
    Sa fi iubita!